Timber as a building material

I am particularly interested and fond of timber as s building material. It is an excellent, renewable raw material with many advantages. This matelials’ great value lies in that it is a natural product with limitless potential applications, insulation properties, is very aesthetic and durable if it has high mechanical strength.

Timber has been a traditional building material, considering that the oldest known timber houses are found in Poland, and have existed since 700 BC. In recent years, the way timber is being treated has changed, because of two factors. One is environmental awareness together with an increasing interest in the traditional building methods. In addition, the technology, which is used to treat wood, has become much more advanced than it was before. Laminated wood, as well as the possibility of using almost all parts of the tree, including sawdust that may be used in the formation of particle board, are a part of this development.

The advantages of wooden houses are many, such as:

  • durability
  • fire safety
  • low construction costs
  • energy saving
  • good aesthetics
  • possibility of dismantling and re-use of certain parts

Below you can see some examples of modern wooden house that really exudes warmth and good aesthetics.







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