Seminar: Interior Design of Stores & Visual Merchandising

I recently participated in a seminar in Athens about “Interior Design of Stores & Visual Merchandising”. It was very interesting and inspiring to me, since I often bump into that kind of missions through my job. I have wanted to get some more knowledge  in this area for a long time, and this seminar was really the best way to do it! It consisted of different parts, and in addition to focusing on the methods you can use to highlight products inside shops and in shop windows, it was also emphasized on modern trends, as well as various equipment and structures that can be helpful in visual merchandising. I must say it is impressive how the psychology, the mood and the desire of customers may be affected by how a store is organized, designed and decorated!

At the seminar we also had the opportunity to do some practicing through different projects. Below you can see some of my work during the seminar.

Floor Collage inspirert av trenden RipeFloor Collage inspired by the trend Ripe


Exercise on Display-techniques

Exercise on Display-techniques


Exercise on Display-techniques

Exercise on Display-techniques



Display inspired by trends such as “urban jungle” and “treat myself”

You can see more pictures of projects that are being done in the seminars at IN DESIGN in Athens here.

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